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Yezdin - Svarunistična protikultura MLP


The initial recording of Slavic psychonautical warrior poetry. 21+ minutes of heavy/black sorcery with a thick layer of synth magick.

200 copies 45RPM black vinyl, comes with double-sided insert.
Mastered by Travis Nordahl for vinyl.

What is the hermit's path like?
Are thorns covering it, instead of beautiful flower?
When you'll discover the secrets of the desert,
you'll liberate your spirit forever!

Listen here: https://yezdin.bandcamp.com/album/svarunisti-na-protikultura


Currently planned distribution through:

Hells Headbangers (US)
Nuclear War Now! (US)
Meteor Gem (US)
Crypt of the Wizard (UK)
Dim Light Candelabrum (EU)