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PKGD - 10 Dungeon Synth Classics

$20.00 / Sold Out

Night Rhythms releases its first Dungeon Synth album with PKGD - 10 Dungeon Synth Classics. A friend of mine and dungeon master during a 3+ year campaign created this compelling 70+ minute DS recording. Double cassette housed in vintage (read: actually yellowed from time) albums and contains hand-printed art/notes booklet, cs labels, covers and digitally printed insert card. The music itself stands apart from a lot of DS, I would say, because of the ample use of guitar, striking sense of real melody and the ability to seamlessly navigate through different moods/settings, plus the addition of some vocals and field recordings from myself and my NRR partner performed in the woods of Texas.

Limited edition of 24. 1 per customer.

Stream and digital purchase available via FREAKS here: https://freakslabel.bandcamp.com/album/10-dungeon-synth-classics