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Nandor Nevai - The Price of Frontier CD Books 1-4


Book 1: Fulk

NN makes the big time | Studio, Venue and Sex Gym | the Porn world sees you coming | Hanging out with those plotting your murder | Hevy, Dethy and Don Bolles | County Jail| Dethy is Dead

The music in Book 1 is almost certainly the most SPUN-OUT shit ever done; The Complete meth-bonging "Nayk'd Ayres" session, some very obscene spoken-viking albums and some EPs that sound like ABSURD demos playing MOTORHEAD. FFO CHARLES MANSON, Acoustic GG ALLIN, BLOWFLY, COUM TRANSMISSIONS

Book 2: Martial

NN sex show for female police | Meth Psychosis, the real and the unreal | Black Magic and Mind Control| Crawling miles to the beach |Psychosexual Police Science | Get murdered in a cage

The music in Book 2 ranges from Crushing Industrial Symphony to dual-drummer "war-violence" (a mix of powerviolence and warmetal with no tonal instruments) and delves into BLASTBEAT PSIENCE with gutpuke-vokills over blurr-spraying drums and sweeping sub-bass in one-hour-plus exhaust-athons. FFO CELTIC FROST, LAIBACH, Various Industrial

Book 3: Jassom

Rock Star autobiogs aren't brave enough |Satanic Cults, the FBI and Crowleyan Government | Shoot Porn in an Hospital | Sexual Paraphilias Test | Ron Jeremy poisons Dennis Hof? XX versus XY

The music in Book 3 deals in vertiginous swirling blasting sax trio, heavy bass piano and booming bashings, blackened punk jazz and a never-before-heard 1993 mini-album by MAGGOT, the precursor band to ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE; very arcane outsider mutant shit, the label "jazz" being mostly due to the instrumentation rather than the music. FFO nothing you've ever heard before.

Book 4: Hard-Won

Open Air Sex Ritual and Suicide Scene Audience by the Pier Weaponized Culture and Art Crime | Harsh Noise in Miami Jared Kills Himself | Farewell to Speed and Por.

The music in Book 4 is a motley collection of Heavy Metal, Psychobilly, Sludge-Punk and Lightspeed Tech-Death, almost certainly the fastest organically-performed material ever done.
Very psychedelic and impressively drunk, includes NN's bum rock swamp metal opus "Up Down 'N Sideways" which reads as a mix between ZZ TOP and BURNING WITCH. FFO NN

Each book contains the following:

CD-sized Hardcover Book with 4 Compact Discs in Wallets

44 pages of Color Photos and Text

4 CDs each over 75:00, almost 5 hours TT

Pro Mastered Pro Replicated Pro Printed High Quality

Adults Only 18+


Limited Edition of 200, 150 available to Select Buyers

All 4 Books are uniform in size and amount of content