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Mortuary Ghoul - Corpse Exhumation 12"

$22.00 / Sold Out

Mortuary Ghoul's (Imperium, Morgue Dweller) debut EP Corpse Exhumation is easily the best Mortician style death metal we've heard since Incinerated - Lobotomise. Therefore it was only appropriate to end the NRR one-sided lathe cut series with its down-tuned massacre, in a truly hand-constructed rustic style.

*NOTE: Just like our other lathes, this was cut with new machinery and sounds good.

Listen here: https://mortuaryghoul.bandcamp.com/album/corpse-exhumation

Limited to 150 copies worldwide. One-sided lathe cut with b-side Leatherface screen print. 4-panel screen-printed foldover jackets.

Distribution through:

Hells Headbangers (USA) * cheap DHL intrntnl shipping
Nuclear War Now (USA) * cheap DHL intrntnl shipping
Meteor Gem (USA)
Crypt of the Wizard (UK)