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Meticulous Butchery - Induced Serotonergic Despoliation 10"


Night Rhythms is proud to bring you one of the most destructive and creative brutal death/goregrind EPs of the last decade on vinyl format. Railroad spike hammering snare of butchery. A companion piece to the artistically related Effluence 10".

Single-sided 10" comes with 4-panel foldover cardstock, hand-numbered covers and b-side screen print. Limited quantities of color screen print will be sent randomly. 150 copies total pressed.

The jacket can be folded inversely for alternate art cover.

*This is a great sounding lathe record, but with new machine/tech at Little Elephant (USA).

Listen here: https://meticulousbutchery.bandcamp.com/album/induced-serotonergic-despoliation