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Low Pressure System - Unknown Caller CS


Eric and Andrew Jernigan, known for their decade-long tenure leading post-hardcore band City of Ships, have ventured into new territory with their latest project, Low Pressure System. Anchoring memorable synthpop hooks and shoegaze atmospherics with arpeggiated melodies and driving bass lines, their debut album "Unknown Caller" — self-recorded at the duo’s studio in Austin, TX and co-produced with longtime collaborator Jeremy SH Griffith — explores themes of diffuse attention and the shame of relationships taken for granted; buried deeper still are reflections on (and ultimately rejections of) the futility of the artistic pursuit itself. Diversifying from their past individual endeavors with bands like Rosetta, Expander, and Cliffdiver, the two brothers are perhaps making the most compelling music of their shared history.

~ Dane W. Tomberlin, Rovi

Pro cassette limited to 50 copies worldwide.

Listen: https://lowpressuresystem.bandcamp.com/