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Justin Sweatt - Say Your Goodbyes LP


Hand-numbered edition of 150 screen printed reverse-board jackets, 100 copies black & 50 copies on clear vinyl.
*Clear sold out

Out now: Justin Sweatt - Say Your Goodbyes LP. That’s the actual name of one of my favorite ex-Austin musicians, Xander Harris, moniker now retired since the turn of 2019. This album is not only his first foray into a more Eno-esque ambient world but also represents the first intentions of NRR to be a label that focuses on the larger realm of underground music, and not just extreme metal. Featuring two photographs of mine while on a solo expedition in Alaska 2015 and dubbed “Private Music for Private People” by Justin himself; this is a very intimate and important release for us. I hope there are some of you out there that will appreciate the delicacy.

Listen here: https://xanderharris.bandcamp.com/album/say-your-goodbyes