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Inhuman Nature / Road Mutant - Split 7"

$7.00 / Coming Soon

Without a doubt, two of the UK’s hardest-hitting crossover bands team up to deliver this slab of a release. These time killers deliver their unique takes on the genre: Inhuman Nature comes equipped with traditional weapons of war, bearing an enduring heavy metal spirit that harkens back to early days of thrash, while Road Mutant illustrates a grim future with a death metal edge. This release is not only an important statement for both bands, but as a Texas label, it’s exciting for us to see the influence of bands like Power Trip and Iron Age permeate across the ocean and back. This is a must-have release for those interested in documenting the evolution of crossover/thrash into the 2020’s.

Listen here: https://roadmutant.bandcamp.com/