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Hollow Woods - Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants LP


Import from Signal Rex. Silver w/ black limited to 50 copies. Black limited to 100 copies.

In many ways, Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants is a natural continuation of Hollow Woods' debut album, Cold Winds Cleave the Earth, from 2021. Familiar elements - pure & proud BLACK METAL, done with personality and charisma - are recast in more varied ways. The production across the album is a bit more airy compared to that debut, but still far from overly polished. Likewise, overt aggression is dialed down a bit to make room for more epic passages, where acoustic guitar gives support to powerful clean vocals. As no doubt presaged by the album's title, lyrical themes here deal with nature mysticism, atavism, and specifically slash-and-burn as a metaphor of personal growth unburdened by the past. For the first time, select passages of lyrics are published as ciphers for the song's themes. To usher in Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants, Hollow Woods will be performing at the Howls of Winter fest in Estonia during February 2024

Listen: https://hollowwoods.bandcamp.com/album/like-twisted-bones-of-fallen-giants