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High Command - The Primordial Void EP 7"

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The arcane passage guides us to the crypt
A Hanging vessel of fear awakens
He who dares shall behold a challenge
Bring the iron sword to Xial
Beyond the Eye of Solitude
The Primordial Void

On the primordial void, Dikeptor has risen from the fringes of the kingdom of Secartha to power. From the throne, he realizes just how harsh and cruel this land can be…

The Primordial Void takes the listener further into Secartha’s landscape and climate. The album follows Dikeptor on an ambitious quest – carrying a cursed mythical sword to the ancient city of Xial in order to return it to the void.

On this journey, his strength is again put to the test. He is ambushed and captured in the fog-flooded Labyrinth of Pain. When he sees no escape, Dikeptor puts his faith in the steel. With determination and a barbaric lust for bloodshed, Dikeptor begins to fight his way out of Xial.


Listen here: https://highcommand.bandcamp.com/album/the-primordial-void