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Heavy Sentence - Bang to Rights LP

$23.00 / Sold Out

Re-press on black

Since 2017 HEAVY SENTENCE have been pissing into the eye socket of Heavy Metal’s skeletal past, eating NWOBHM pie-and-chips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Revving their Motorsickles filled with high octane Motögasoline, this crazed band of miscreants have played raucous live shows across the UK and Europe, remembered by all who attend - except the lads themselves. After two legendary 7”s, at last the debut album BANG TO RIGHTS is ready... just in time to serenade the world as it spins off its axis. These ten tracks are non stop bangers, a blazing Heavy Metal assault destined to be spray painted onto the crumbling walls of history. With shitty sticks

HEAVY SENTENCE prod at the flatulent corpses of Thin Lizzy, Demon, Saxon, Heavy Load and Omen, and then kick them with a pair of METALPUNK bovver boots.

Listen here: https://dyingvictimsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-sentence-bang-to-rights