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Expander - Endless Computer CS

$6.00 / Sold Out

Tape edition of the neuropunk debut album. Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies. Clear green shells with steel blue imprint ink.

"Endless Computer is mind-meltingly great thrash that sacrifices none of its power while giving into the band’s weirdest impulses" - Jeff Terich, Treblezine

"It’s a furious, mind-warping thrash opus that’s as wildly inventive as it is relentlessly aggressive. There’s a borderline psychedelic quality to the music at times, with shimmering melodic leads in between the brutal crossover thrash bludgeoning, but it all comes together perfectly." - Expandroid Clone #1

"Bonkers in all the best ways possible. Why everyone on the planet isn't talking about these guys is beyond me." - Expandroid Clone #2