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Dughpa - Discography 2015-2018 2xCS


A collection of all the Dughpa (Wagner Ödegård, Tomhet, Wulkanaz) works up to 2018. Tape I includes first LP along with 7" EP, Tape II includes second LP with Tidsrymd promo/demo. Limited to 200 copies worldwide with optional 32 page art zine add-on (a smaller version of the zine that came with LP2).

****NOTE: Main ordering period for additional art zine now over. Only very limited quantities remain for that option. If you order that option (or previously ordered that option) please allow additional time for delivery.

Minimal retrofuturistic biology film synth... or space library musikk....or... intercepted outsider transmissions...or... Some of my favorite ambient of the last 5 years, or hell, maybe ever

Listen here: https://brugmanziah.bandcamp.com/album/dughpa