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Draugsjukan - Draugsjukan LP

$21.50 / Sold Out

Recorded over several years by sir Wagner Ödegård. One of his most obscure projects. The A-side (18 min) track is the only example I can recall of true "black kraut". The B-side (16 min) wanders through psilocybin induced pulsating transmissions a la Tangerine Dream, culminating in a cinematic groove that would fit properly in any Carpenter universe.

NRR-036 Mastered specifically for vinyl, limited to 150 pieces worldwide, hand screened jackets, double-sided insert.

World customers: Order from Hells Headbangers and use the DHL shipping for a very affordable option. (Available soon)

Listen here: https://brugmanziah.bandcamp.com/album/draugsjukan