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Procession of Headless Angels - Yer Universal Tombworld 7"


Procession of Headless Angels delivers a cold and eerie soundscape of hypnotic Black Metal.
Formed in 2014 by main composer Morten Lybecker (guitar) (Blazing Eternity) who soon after joined forces
with Thomas Bøjden (vocals) (Die Weisse Rose) and Jens Hansen (synth) (ex-Parzival, Blazing Eternity). Line-
up was completed in early 2015 by Martin Leth Andersen (bass) (Strychnos, The Cleansing) and Michael
Galheim Pedersen (drums) (Denial of God, Ad Noctum, Livjatan).
Music and production by Morten Lybecker.
Lyrics: Thomas Bøjden
Debut 2-track 7” EP.
Side I: Yer Universal Tombworld
Side II: Skullcrown and Skullflovers
Limited 500 copies on black wax. Incl. insert.